What is Netball?

Netball is a non-contact team sport typically referred to as the “ladies version” of basketball; though do not be fooled because netball is a fast-paced and skillful game!  Netball is played on a similar size court to basketball, and, like basketball, the aim is to shoot more goals than the opposition.  Here a few key differences to basketball:


- No backboard on the goal hoop, which is smaller

- The ball is smaller and lighter than a basketball

- Players may not run with or dribble the ball

- Players can only hold the ball for 3 seconds before passing

- No bodily contact with any opposing player.

- Opposition players must be at least 3 feet from the player with the ball.

- And only 2 of the 7 players may shoot a goal (Goal Attack and Goal Shooter)

For more information on netball and the rules click here.

The Netball Court and Play Positions

Player Positions

C - Center
GS – Goal Shooter
GK – Goal Keeper
GA – Goal Attack
GD – Goal Defense
WA – Wing Attack
WD – Wing Defense


Did You Know?

Netball actually began here in the United States in 1895 as a version of women's basketball!  Clara Baer, a sports teacher from New Orleans, obtained a copy of basketball rule book from James Naismith (the creator of basketball).  It turned out the the rule book contacted a drawing of the court with lines penciled across it, simply to show the area various players could best patrol.  But Baer misinterpreted the lines and thought players couldn't leave those areas! 


Today, over 7 million people play netball in over 70 countries, from as far and wide as Australia and the Pacific, the United Kingdom to Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.It has also grown to be the most popular women's team sport in the world. Its growing popularity was reflected by its inclusion in 2004 as an official Olympic sport in the Athens Summer Olympics games.