The San Francisco Stars Want You!

The San Francisco Stars netball club welcomes men and women of all ages and abilities. Our club is made of up of expatriates from England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and beyond. We are also proud to have four US nationals in our club.  Our players love the game of netball and the team spirit that goes with it. 

To keep things interesting, training incorporates a variety of different elements, including friendly game days where we play short games among ourselves, fitness, ball drills and practice games, and a full one hour competitive game once a month.  We also compete in national tournaments throughout the year hosted by other netball clubs in the United States.

Our club also fields a team in the Pacific Coast Netball League (PCNL).  The Pacific Coast Netball League consists of six netball clubs from the West Coast of America.  This league is a competitive league and with the level of play being at a high level.  Games are held through out the year at various tournaments and locations. The PCNL team train Tuesday nights.  Everyone is welcome to train on Tuesday night, however, the training level is more intense than on Saturday training.

Socializing is an integral part of our club. To this end, we have regular organized but informal social events such as drinks, movie outings and nights, and game nights. Friends, family and folks who are interested in learning about the sport are encouraged to attend and are always welcome.  Photo:  Halloween in San Francisco, October 2009

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What to Bring?

Comfortable exercise clothes, tennis or running shoes, bottle/s of water and sunscreen.  Don't forget no jewelry, including rings, earrings and bracelets. And be sure to cut those nails.  For players new to netball,  nails should be cut short and smooth.  A good way to check is to hold your hands up, palms facing you, your nails should not be visible over you finger tips.

Top 10 Tips for Beginner Netball Players

  • Get kitted our for successful netball -feel comfortable and wear good training shoes.
  • Warm up - avoid playing cold.
  • Practice passing the ball with a friend.
  • Practice netball playing by yourself - use a wall and practice your passes at different heights. Vary how close you stand to the wall too.
  • Get fit for netball - take up marathon running like our Stars players, George and Nat!
  • Practice different moving styles - sprinting, jogging, running backwards and sidestepping.
  • Practice patterns - consider where you are on the court and where you can move to.
  • Play in a different position - be versatile and try defending if you are normally a shooter.
  • Watch others play.
  • and most of enjoy the game.